The Mackay Regional Pest Management Group (MRPMG) is a voluntary unincorporated advisory group and stakeholder network. The MRPMG was established in 2002 and consists of representatives from local and state government departments, community groups and industry bodies whose core business involves pest management.

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Our purpose

Develop a stakeholder network to aid in the exchange of knowledge and information relating to pest and weed management in the Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac region.

Create a regional pest and weed technical reference group capable of providing advice for regional strategic pest management planning and on ground works

Lobby to ensure pest management funding is secured for the region and spent strategically

Facilitate collaborative management opportunities for pest and weed projects through multi-stakeholder, co-funded projects

Did you know?

All Queenslanders have a ‘general biosecurity obligation’ (GBO) under Queensland's Biosecurity Act 2014. This means that everyone is responsible for managing biosecurity risks that are:

  • under their control and
  • that they know about, or should reasonably be expected to know about.

Under the GBO individuals and organisations whose activities pose a biosecurity risk must

  • take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent or minimise each biosecurity risk
  • minimise the likelihood of causing a biosecurity event and limit the consequences if such an event is caused
  • prevent or minimise the harmful effects a risk could have, and not do anything that might make any harmful effects worse.

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What is a biosecurity risk?

  • any pest, disease or contaminant
  • something that could carry a pest, disease or contaminant (e.g. animals, plants, soil, equipment—known as ‘carriers’).
  • has, or may have, a significant harmful effect on human health, social amenity, the economy, or the environment and
  • is caused by a pest, disease or contaminant.

A biosecurity event

  • has, or may have a significant effect on human health, social amenity, the economy, or the environment and
  • is caused by a pest, disease or contaminant.

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